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Utopia Project CIC supports the local community by providing amazing opportunities to develop their strengths


hatch (mental health & wellbeing support for young people)

hatch is a young person’s mental health service providing a range of 1-1 and small group interventions that improve emotional wellbeing. We support young people through online CBT and skills based programmes, provide evening opportunities for young people to learn therapeutic strategies and fantastic school holiday enrichment activities.

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Young Carers

We have been supporting young carers in Wirral for over 6 years providing school holiday respite services to give young carers the opportunity to build friendships with other young people with shared experience whilst developing skills that they can transfer to other areas within their lives such as school, at home or in the community.

It is amazing to see the confidence grow in these young people throughout our programme and the friendships they develop. If you would like to support young carers at Utopia then please get in touch here

Get Real

Personal development and employability for care leavers, using a tailored approach to improve outcomes. Taking part in activities that build confidence and develop skills alongside practical employment support and 1-1 mentoring creates a unique support package that allows individuals to make fantastic progress.

If you would like to find out more about this programme and how we could support your young people then please contact us here.

Family Home Cooking

Cooking programmes that support low income families to create home made meals using fresh ingredients. Encouraging cooking as a family to develop cooking skills, promote healthy eating and improve wellbeing. Utilising our new group cooking kitchen facilities alongside a remote offer that reduces barriers and improves engagement.

If you are interested in finding out more about this programme please contact Phil Murray

Personal Development Programmes

We deliver a range of personal development activity programmes throughout the year for children and young people who are either at risk of offending or have been victims of crime. These programmes are tailored to suit the needs of the young people taking part and the local need at the present time.

We utilise our partnerships with local activity providers to provide amazing opportunities across a range of alternative sports that challenge young people and their comfort zones whilst having fun in the process. Our staff are highly experienced at helping young people to recognise their strengths and areas for development and provide support to make positive changes.

Building positive relationships with parents and carers is paramount to our work.

My son’s attitude, behaviour and whole outlook on life and other people has changed completely, he is a totally different person. Utopia has transformed him from a little boy into a respectable young man, the staff are amazing.


What Utopia are able to do is support the education of students in a relational way, they develop trusted relationships with young people and know that this is the important first step, before work can be done in improving educational outcomes.

Social Worker

The staff at Utopia aren’t like other teachers, they are more like normal people who you can talk to if you have a problem.

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