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Utopia is an independent special school for boys and girls aged 13-16 with neurodiversity, high levels of anxiety and those experiencing emotionally based school avoidance.

We are a small setting for up to 20 learners providing intensive and personalised support for those with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) who benefit from a nurturing environment.

A place that redefines the norms of education.


Our expertise enables us to engage and achieve accelerated learning and positive outcomes for SEND learners.

Out Curriculum

Personalised education provision for young people aged 13 -16 who require an alternative to mainstream education.


We work closely with the local community to provide exciting opportunities for our learners and welcome support.

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Quality Assurance

Utopia Independent Special School is an OFSTED registered provider. Our latest report can be found here.

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At Utopia we recognise that key areas in Mathematics such as number, shape and measure, ratio and proportion, algebra, statistics, and probability play a fundamental role in developing core skills needed for success in everyday life.



At Utopia we recognise that key skills in English such as spelling, reading, writing, and speaking and listening play a fundamental role in the life chances of our young people.


Functional Skills

At Utopia Functional Skills provides an excellent platform for learners to develop confidence within the subject and progression opportunities from entry level 1 through to level 2.


Applied Science

At Utopia our Applied Science qualifications are designed for learners 14-19 who wish to achieve a vocational qualification in preparation for future study within the STEM sector.



At Utopia our implementation of Sport across the curriculum is flexible and diverse.



At Utopia the delivery of our Media curriculum is designed to incorporate core ICT skills essential for use in everyday life.



At Utopia the delivery of our Caring for children qualification is designed to be a hands on and practical learning experience.



At Utopia the aim of our Business curriculum is to give learners a rounded knowledge of the principles of business and incorporate key skills within this knowledge.


Home Cooking Skills

At Utopia we utilise the BTEC Home Cooking Skills course to allow learners to learn basic cooking and food preparation skills and to enrich the practical elements of the curriculum.


Teamwork & Personal Skills

At Ut the BTEC Teamwork and Personal Skills qualification is designed to allow learners to develop the skills and qualities needed to support their entry into employment.


Building positive relationships with parents and carers is paramount to our work.

My son’s attitude, behaviour and whole outlook on life and other people has changed completely, he is a totally different person. Utopia has transformed him from a little boy into a respectable young man, the staff are amazing.


What Utopia are able to do is support the education of students in a relational way, they develop trusted relationships with young people and know that this is the important first step, before work can be done in improving educational outcomes.

Social Worker

The staff at Utopia aren’t like other teachers, they are more like normal people who you can talk to if you have a problem.

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